"With greater clarity comes greater capacity for change."

As a mindfulness-based therapist, I offer a warm and welcoming space for you to explore yourself and your life experience.
This is the basis for discovering your own capacity to make meaningful change and growth in your life.

My practice integrates the gentle openness of Eastern wisdom with the illuminating methods of Western psychology.

Mindfulness helps cultivate a compassionate presence of mind and body and supports the more active process of Self-inquiry.

Self-inquiry practices are drawn from the fields of: Depth Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Meditative Inquiry, The Work of Byron Katie and Somatic Therapy methods such as Hakomi and EMDR.

Self-inquiry reveals and releases those beliefs and feelings that are inhibiting a fuller expression of your potential and aspirations.

With greater clarity comes greater capacity for change.

Our meeting time will provide you with a spacious and dynamic atmosphere for self-discovery and life transformation.

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